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ISS Technologies

Video Conferencing Asheville, NCISS Technologies proudly serves Asheville and western North Carolina with the highest quality communication systems for businesses of any size. Asheville is growing, with new residents and businesses moving to our area each year. Looking around, it feels like our downtown is always under construction. Businesses in Asheville need to be able to communicate with employees and companies throughout the region and world. Quality video conferencing is key for any business intending to reach new markets beyond their brick and mortar offices.

Conversely, businesses with outdated or low-quality communication tools suffer in the fast-paced global market place. ISS Technologies’ Star2Star video conferencing systems can help companies of any size improve their global communications.

Video Conferencing Asheville, NC

If you are in western North Carolina, you know there are communication challenges that come with terrain and weather. Whether you need to communicate with employees or clients in other parts of the world, you need to know you can trust your video conferencing systems to perform well every day. Star2Star’s StarVideo has several key features, including:

  • Available for up to 12 people at up to 12 different locations
  • Accessible to non-Star2Star users via an external invitation
  • Ability to schedule meetings in advance
  • Audio only conferencing for up to 150 people (in addition to voice participants)
  • A whiteboard for collective viewing and editing of documents
  • Text chat for communications that do not require audio/video

These tools combined with Star2Star’s constant reliability make the StarVideo system perfect for your external communications. Contact ISS Technologies for more information about how your company can benefit from quality video conferencing.