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Tracking Customers and Prospects Asheville, NCThere has never been a better time to own and operate a business in Asheville and western North Carolina. With a healthy job market, incredible natural beauty, unmatched cultural experiences, it is almost unbelievable how much growth we have experienced. The momentum has not slowed in some time as tens of thousands of people move to our city each year and new businesses are being founded and begin thriving.

Whether your company is business-to-business or business-to-customer, you know the importance of keeping track of potential and existing clients. Your communications systems should help you track prospects and customers in the Asheville area.

Tracking Customers and Prospects Asheville, NC

ISS Technologies has been helping businesses in Asheville and western North Carolina streamline their communications for over thirty years. We proudly offer help with client communication and prospect tracking through Star2Star’s StarContact™ technology. StarContact™ helps business owners and managers determine what customer-facing employees can do to maintain a consistent level of support throughout your organization while integrating with your customer database, and helping you manage all of your customer activities. Features include:

  • Enhanced customer/prospect tracking that helps improve retention rates
  • Functionality for both inbound and outbound calls
  • 'Screen Pops' display past interactions with customers for incoming calls
  • Empowers managers by helping them identify gaps in performance

If you are ready to take your customer service, support, and prospect tracking to the next level, contact ISS Technologies. We are here to help businesses thrive through their communication systems while helping you make sure you are keeping up with your prospects and clients.