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ISS Technologies

Mobility Services

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Mobility services include equipment, installation and set up for a wide range of business communication mobility needs, including:

  • Automatic Call Distribution for call centers (ACD)
  • Wireless communications
  • Conference bridge technology
  • Connection of remote locations
  • Hotel/motel applications
  • PC phone connections

ISS Technologies provides strategies to connect your customers and employees. Setting up a modern mobility platform requires an industry expert that is well versed in the necessary devices, infrastructure and support. ISS Technologies can recommend a wide variety of mobility solutions catered specifically to your business needs.

Office communication mobility allows your business to engage with customers and maintain a high level of internal communication without being tethered to a physical location. Employees can work securely and efficiently outside their work environment, and can connect across long distances. Mobility strategies can also provide flexible, scalable growth for your business by not only increasing productivity but allowing remote workers to bring their energy and talents without requiring physical presence. There is also the benefit of greater work-life balance for employees, allowing workers to contribute to the business operations from the comfort and convenience of their homes.

Contact ISS Technologies today to discover how we can make your business communication more mobile.