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ISS Technologies

https://isstechnologies.com/contactNow is a great time to own and operate a business in Asheville, NC. As our area continues to grow, new company’s and existing corporations are serving new clients throughout the metro area. However, Buncombe, Henderson, Transylvania, and Madison County businesses are serving customers and clients well beyond the mountains. Many offices are regularly communicating with international accounts; therefore, it is vital for you to ensure you are utilizing the latest and most effective technology. ISS Technology has been helping Asheville area companies improve customer service and inter-office communication for decades. If you want to make sure your office technology is up-to-speed, ISS Technologies is here to help.

Office Technology in Western North Carolina

Star2Star provides the office technology you need to effectively serve your clients and make sure your company is as efficient as possible.

Video Conferencing: StarVideo helps businesses communicate with customers, clients, and employees all over the world.

Mobile: StarPhone™ is there to help turn your phone into your mobile office when you are traveling away from western North Carolina.

Advanced Call Center: StarCenter® 3 will make your office an effective customer service center.

Star2Star's Unique Cloud Architectures Make sure your business is making use of the opportunities afforded by cloud architectures, so nothing important is forgotten.

Instant Messaging: StarChat makes it possible for you and your team to communicate quickly and efficiently.

Make use of the best office technology to be as efficient and effective as possible in western North Carolina by contacting ISS Technologies. We can evaluate your needs and bring your company into the newest technological age.