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ISS Technologies

business communication systems asheville ncThere is no greater place in North Carolina to have or start a company than Asheville, NC. New and existing businesses benefit from the French Broad Valley’s proximity to many miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, watersports, great food and crafted beverages, and the Blue Ridge Parkway. With thousands of new residents moving to Buncombe and surrounding counties, and over 10 million tourists visiting each year, companies in Asheville have a tremendous opportunity to succeed.

One of the keys to making sure your company is enjoying the most success possible in western North Carolina is making sure your phone systems are optimized. Proudly offering Star2Star Systems communication solutions, we are experienced and equipped to help your company solve issues and win new customers and prospects.

Business Phone Systems Asheville, NC

Your company’s phone is often the first point of contact customers have with your team, products, and services. Your business phone systems should be optimized to help your team perform efficiently, deliver quality customer service and support while collecting data and leads. Start2Star Systems provide the following tools and services:

  • Cloud/Hybrid Architectures unifying communications with the platform that best aligns with your company’s needs.
  • An Advanced Call Center that helps direct calls to the appropriate departments
  • Cloud-based call recordings for quality control
  • Prospect data collection
  • Video conferencing
  • StarPhone™ mobile technology for smartphones
  • Fax Capabilities
  • Seamless connection with multiple platforms including Salesforce

Quality phone systems help your team stay-in-touch with you, each other, and your clients and prospects. If you would like to know more about how to improve your company with Star2Star Systems, contact us. ISS Technologies has been serving Asheville businesses for over twenty-five years.