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ISS Technologies

Business Disaster Recovery Asheville, NCAsheville is a beautiful place to start a business. High mountain peaks and abundant culture make our city appealing to new residents, while we have a wonderful mix of small businesses and larger corporations. Asheville is a business-friendly community, but there are still challenges business owners face when they make their corporate home here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Though our climate features relatively mild winters for a mountain city and fairly cool summers for a southern city, residents must navigate rapidly changing weather conditions.

Thunderstorms with frequent cloud to ground lightning are a part of life in western North Carolina throughout spring and summers and are not at all uncommon in fall and winter. A lightning strike can wreak havoc on your business communication systems. If you are a business owner in Buncombe, Henderson, or surrounding counties, you must take precautions to make sure your company is ready to withstand potential damages from thunderstorms and other adverse weather.

Office Disaster Recover Asheville, NC

ISS Technologies helps businesses continue on even in the midst of lightning strikes and other natural disasters. StarRecovery by Star2Star Systems helps your companies withstand power and telephone outages by rerouting customer calls to employee cell phone and other locations, allow auto attendants to continue operating, and making sure all voicemails are delivered. Cloud architectures, advanced call centers, and other communications systems we offer also help ensure your business stays online, minimizes data loss, and continues delighting customers through the worst weather Asheville can throw at you.

If you want to make sure your business communications thrive in whatever weather you experience in the Asheville area, contact ISS Technologies. Effective disaster recovery is key to making sure your customers are happy, so make sure you are ready for the storm.