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Utilizing Technology to Get the Most Out of Every Sales Call 

If you are in sales, you have undoubtedly noticed the abundance - and, perhaps, overabundance! - of technology at your fingertips. Designed to facilitate the process, it can be tempting to click, sit back, and wait for the revenue to pour in. But this approach neglects the most fundamental aspect of sales: it’s personal. As a recent Hubspot article noted, “Sadly, the ‘edge’ that most sales technology promised to give them is actually hurting their relationships with buyers, and a chance at the elusive sale.”

Sales calls are still critical in establishing and nurturing relationships with prospects, customers, and clients. Your ability to convey empathy, build trust, and deliver viable solutions are the keys to success. While technology cannot replace people in this regard, you can, and should, leverage it to get the most out of each and every sales call. 

Tech Solutions for Better Sales Calls 

How can you utilize technology to maximize the impact of sales calls? Technology doesn’t replace the human touch - but it can take care of some of the more tedious, repetitive, time-consuming tasks to clear the way for more meaningful conversations.

  • Ditch the spreadsheet. Some companies still track sales calls via Excel spreadsheets. When reps have to manually enter and update information, it means they spend less time speaking with prospects and customers. Free them up to do what they do best: sell!
  • Streamline your process with auto-dialing. This is another manual process that can be automated, saving reps invaluable time.
  • Utilize video conferencing. Video conferencing solutions allow reps to meet “face to face” with prospects and customers. There is no substitute for this as it allows people to gauge facial expressions, body language, and other nonverbal cues. 
  • Leverage Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). This allows your computer to integrate with your phone through a PBX or key system. For instance, you can integrate your phone with your CRM; when you’re on a call, you’ll have instant access to the customers’ information and call history. 
  • Monitor and analyze calls. Being able to review and analyze sales calls is critical: it can help identify trouble spots, inform training, and boost performance. With integrated software solutions, this is all seamless. 

Technology can facilitate other aspects of the sales process, from lead scoring to data enhancement to route mapping. Never, though, neglect the all-important sales call. Prospects and customers need to hear from you; they need to trust you. While digital tools certainly help with this, they cannot replace you

If you want to make maximum impact with your sales calls, contact ISS Technologies. We will help you put the right solution into place for your business.