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Some Tips for Improving Your Office Technology

Asheville has a reputation for being a hub for culture in the South. Do you like outdoor activities? Asheville has thousands of miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, as well as camping, water sports, and other ways to enjoy nature? Do you like restaurants and hospitality? Asheville has world-renowned hotels and food. Do you like art? Asheville attracts some of the nation’s best artists to the RAD and many galleries throughout western North Carolina.

Similarly, to the way in which culture and art have emerged in our city, companies are finding Asheville to be a great place to do business. You can find representation from every industry in Buncombe and Henderson counties. If you want to do business efficiently and keep pace with an ever-changing world from your Asheville office, you need to make sure your technology systems are state-of-the-art.

Business Technology Asheville, NC

ISS Technologies has been helping companies meet their technological goals since 1983. We provide Star2Star business solutions, including:

Advanced Call Center: StarCenter® 3

Your call center is often your clients’ first impression of your company. The StarCenter® 3 is, “An exclusive, full-featured call center that delivers advanced call routing, management, and reporting with a simple, web-based platform. Operate StarCenter® 3 seamlessly across all of your locations and administer queues and agents for hundreds of users if needed.” You can find more about it here.

Video Conferencing: StarVideo

In our time, office communication can occur face-to-face, despite thousands of miles of distance. The StarVideo system makes video conferencing simple and efficient. Features include:

  • Up to 12 people at up to 12 different locations on each call
  • Schedule video conferencing meetings in advance
  • Accessibility for non-Star2Star users
  • Brainstorm with a built-in whiteboard
  • Text chat for communications even when audio and video is not engaged
  • Audio only conferencing for up to 150 people

Mobile: StarPhone™

You cannot be in the office at all times. In fact, the success of your company depends on your ability to move about western North Carolina and the world freely. Communication does not have to stop when you exit the front door. StarPhone™ allows owners and managers to continue consistent communication with staff and clients, even when they must travel. Features include:

  • Quick dial for numbers in the favorites list
  • See the availability of team members
  • Conference calling
  • Easy call transferring

Instant Messaging: StarChat

An advanced system of easily chatting with employees and coworkers without having to pick up the phone. Conversations are stored in the cloud and easily searchable for future reference.

Star2Star's Unique Cloud Architectures

From our website, “Star2Star empowers global business success with a Full Spectrum Communications Solution that tailors to fit your unique goals. With options ranging from pure to the on-premises cloud, rest assured that we deliver the advanced features, cost savings, and reliable solutions your business needs in order to thrive in today's fast-paced marketplace.”

Our cloud systems can ensure that your company runs efficiently across multiple buildings and locations.

If you need to bring your office technology into the 21st century, ISS Technologies is here to help. We have been improving the way Asheville companies communicate for three decades. We have seen a lot of growth in our city at that time and proudly been a part of it ourselves. We can help you do what your business does best, without being hampered by ineffective technology. Contact ISS Technologies in Asheville to get started today.