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How to Make the Most of Your Business Mobile Phone

Are You Making the Most of Your Business Mobile Phone?

The workforce is continually evolving. Today, millions of people work remotely - your team may be across town, across the country, or across the world from each other. Millions more are out in the field and on the go on any given day. As work becomes more dynamic, our communications systems need to keep pace and deliver the functionality and reliability you need to move at the speed of business. Fortunately, you have the key to productivity right in your hand: your smartphone.


Turn Your Smartphone Into a Work Phone

With the right support, you can turn a smartphone into a smart work phone. This allows you and your team to do much more than make and receive calls (though with 3G and 4G network coverage, that’s certainly a plus). Make the most of mobile technology by:

  • Seeing the status of your people at-a-glance with presence indicators (e.g. green for available, red for busy, yellow for ringing, blue for dialing). 
  • Add frequently called numbers to your Favorites list for quick and convenient calling. 
  • Place calls outside of your organization at no extra cost.
  • Access voicemail with one touch.
  • Transfer calls easily.
  • Host or join on-the-fly meetings virtually anywhere, anytime.
  • Take advantage of secure user authentication.

ISS Technologies’ StarPhone for iPhone and StarPhone for Android ties all of this functionality together in one easy-to-use app.

Additionally, your team can use their smartphones to complete a host of other tasks:

  • Update the status of projects as needed for real-time information.
  • Update social media for business use. 
  • Download and use task-specific apps to streamline workflow. 
  • Implement mobile invoicing and payment tools to add convenience for both your business and your customers/clients.
  • Use map apps to find their next appointment! 

Business Mobile Phone Best Practices 

To maximize effectiveness, efficiency, and security, follow these business mobile phone best practices:

  • Require user authentication. This restricts access by utilizing a lock screen that needs a password or PIN. This should be hard to guess and changed regularly according to your policy. 
  • Keep all apps up to date. This can help you avoid security threats and resolve vulnerabilities before they become big (expensive) problems.
  • Back up your mobile device. All data should be backed up regularly to another device or, preferably, to a secure cloud solution. This way, you can restore it if a device is stolen or lost. You can also use remote data wipe. If the device is stolen or lost, you can eliminate the data stored on it from another device/location.
  • Use encryption. Use encryption technology before sending sensitive/private information via wifi. And never send this information over unsecured, public wifi. When you are not actively using wifi and Bluetooth, disable it so as to limit access to potential hackers.
  • Follow basic internet security procedures. Don’t click on emails that don’t look right or on attachments that appear spammy. Don’t supply sensitive information (e.g. account numbers) via email or phone… you know the drill. Follow these rules when you’re using mobile tech too. 
  • Communicate your policies clearly. Put it in writing, review the policy verbally, and remind your people periodically. Don’t take it for granted that they know what they should be doing - or that they are doing it. Check, double-check, and remember: you can never communicate often or clearly enough! 

Contact ISS Technologies today to learn more about maximizing the power of your business’s mobile devices. We can help ensure your operations are streamlined, convenient, efficient, and secure. Put mobile technology to work for you today.