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Are Your Customers and Prospects Irritated with Your Phone Systems?

You need help. You need answers. So you call a company’s helpline to speak with someone who can assist you. You get an automated voice, prompting you to push 1 for this, 2 for that, 3 for… you were distracted for a second and didn’t hear, so you have to push 9 to repeat your options. Then you speak your account number, slowly and clearly, only to hear, “Sorry. I didn’t catch that. Please speak or enter your account number now.” The pressure is on. You’re yelling at the phone. The menu items don’t match up with your actual question. Help!

If you get this irritated, imagine how your own customers and prospects feel! Phone systems can be frustrating - and they could be costing you business.


What Customers and Prospects Hate About Business Phone Systems

What makes typical business phone systems so… well, infuriating?

They have more twists than a maze. Press 1, press 2… customers and prospects are, first, greeted with an automated voice, and then led on a journey through countless redirects until they - hopefully - find their destination. That is if they don’t just hang up and strongly consider going with a competitor.

And what if their particular issue does not line up with a menu option? Should they guess? Should they press 0 to speak to a live representative - only to be placed on hold for an unspecified amount of time? And again, they may just hang up - and give up on you.

They’re impersonal. Some people like the convenience of an automated phone system. And then there’s the rest of us. Studies indicate that customers/prospects dislike the idea of an automated system and want to speak to a live person. Not giving them that option or making it exceedingly difficult for them to exercise it, can turn them off of your business.

They’re frustrating when they don’t work optimally. Ever have to yell “Yes” or “No” into a phone line? Then “YES!!!!” or “NOO!!!!”? When phone systems can’t “hear” or understand people, it becomes torturous for them to try to ask a question or resolve an issue. This reflects poorly on your business.

More options = angry customers. “We’ll just give them more options; that’ll solve everything. More menu options, more ways to connect with us!” Not really. Research shows that giving callers more options only makes them more frustrated with the entire experience.

Dislike of automated phone systems is fairly universal, though it does increase a bit with age. What prospects and customers across the board really want are answers. They don’t want to jump through endless hoops to get them.

Automated systems can save money, and they can be a benefit to your business. The key is choosing solutions that prioritize customer experience. Whenever possible, calls should be routed to live representatives. Menus should be streamlined and pared down to two or three actions, with the option to speak with a real person. Wait times should be minimized.

Is this an ideal world that doesn’t match the reality of your manpower or budget? No. You can achieve these goals, and serve customers/prospects optimally, with the right phone system solutions.

ISS Technologies can help you streamline your customer/prospect experience, deliver excellent service, maintain costs, and, most importantly, keep people on the line so you can answer their questions, address their issues, and retain their business. Ready to get started?