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8 Reasons to Utilize Video Conferencing Within Your Company 

This is the 21st century, and to compete, you have to be dynamic, adaptable, flexible, and innovative. Having the right technology on board also makes a tremendous difference! You may have telecommuters, remote employees, and teams, prospects, customers, and partners spread across the state, region, country, or world. They may be in the field, on the fly, or in their neighborhood coffee shop, working hard and sipping a latte. Regardless, you need to ensure that the lines of communication remain open. Video conferencing ensures you stay in touch with the people who make your business run.


Utilizing ISS Technologies’ video conferencing solution, StarVideo, in your company makes sense. You will be able to:

  1. Minimize travel costs. Need your team at an important meeting but they’re in North Carolina, New York, San Diego, and Toledo? No problem. You can avoid paying sky-high airline fees (and reimbursing for accommodations and meals) by teleconferencing. Whether you need to discuss internal matters or deliver a presentation to clients or shareholders, you can do so effectively, and efficiently, with ISS Technologies’ video conferencing solutions.
  2. Maintain face-to-face contact. Remote employees, contractors, partners, and clients can feel… well, remote. With video conferencing, you can easily maintain vital face-to-face contact. This can boost satisfaction, customer service, and an important feeling of connectedness.
  3. Improve meeting attendance. Video conferencing removes barriers to participation. People can join meetings where they are, increasing the rate of attendance
  4. Meet with up to 12 people at up to 12 different locations. Geography doesn’t need to impede your ability to communicate. Get the team on board, and everyone can have their say, share their ideas, and move towards key business goals together.
  5. Schedule meetings conveniently. With Star2Star, you can schedule meetings in advance and extend invites to non-users. 
  6. Provide audio-only conferencing for up to 150 people. Need to deliver training or make an important announcement? Our platform supports audio-only capability for up to 150 people, in addition to speaking participants. Again, this cuts down on travel costs for the company and participants, while significantly increasing convenience. 
  7. Share a whiteboard for viewing and collaboration. We make it easy to work on presentations, reports, and other critical documents. With real-time editing and collaboration features, you can use your meeting time for maximum impact.  Increased productivity is achieved through faster, more streamlined decision-making.
  8. Text chat. If you want to send a message to a team member or other participant and chat without video/audio features, you are free to do so. This is a great way to ask questions, send reminders, or make comments that are of individual importance without using the whole group’s time.

Video conferencing can provide a host of cost- and time-saving benefits for companies while facilitating better decision making and productivity. ISS Technologies strives to make this as easy and convenient for you as possible. Talk to us about StarVideo and all of its mega-meeting powers.